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Ryzen 5995XW Build - your opinion

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Hi all

Ive had a local PC build company quote me on a build - just wanted to get your thoughts on it to see if theres anything that can be changed/improved?

CPU - AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5995WX
CASE - Fractal Design Meshify 2 XL
MOBO - Asus WRX80E-SAGE Pro SE - WRX80 -
GFX CARD - Gigabyte RTX 4090 Gaming OC - 24GB
COOLER - Cooler Master ML360 Mirror TR4 | 360mm Radiator + 11 x 120mm fans
POWER - 2000W Cooler Master M2000 Platinum
RAM - 32GB Crucial 3200MHz (1x32GB) (8 OF THESE - 256GB)
HARD DRIVE #1 - 1TB Gen4 Samsung 990 PRO M.2. NVME (R:7450MB/s | W: 6900MB/s) - used to install windows and main applications
HARD DRIVE #2 - 4 X 2TB Gen4 Samsung 990Pro M.2. NVME (R:7450MB/s | W: 6900MB/s) - raid zero set up to maximise read and write speeds.  Will have all my 3D assets on here.

what are your thoughts on this setup?  any help would be appreciated.

32GB RAM is too low IMHO. Would recommend 64GB absolute minimum

Nejc Kilar:
Seems pretty similar to what I got including, to an extent, the memory (I'm using Ballistix, 8x16GB) and it works really well for me. I did opt for an air cooled system with a Noctua U14s.

Unless you want to slot a second GPU in there I do think the 2000W PSU is overkill. I would guess it'll be below 50% load so efficiency would take a hit.

@davetwo, I think shortcirkuit plans on populating all 8 of his slots with 32GB sticks.

thanks for your replies guys - good to know.

Do any of you have this raid set up though?  does it make it quicker?

Nejc Kilar:
I mean I got a couple of WD SN770s (Gen 4, 5GBps) for my main drives and honestly for the main tasks that I do I find these perfectly adequate. Wouldn't ever think about RAIDing them. The speedup I get when transferring files (animations etc.) or the tutorial recordings is pretty great compared to a regular SSD but it does kind of end there - outside of that I personally wouldn't be able to notice the difference. So I guess as subjective as this statement might be, I personally don't think RAID is necessary. Unless you are constantly transferring over a _crap_ ton of data. :)


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