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Frequency and other values, numerical input broken

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MacOs 10.15.7 / C4D S24 / Version • 10 (Daily Build Jan 23 2023)

Most value scrubbers won’t accept numerical input.
For example, in spline incl/ excl, I can’t double click to change value with numerical keypad.
Far distance is limited to 100

Scale and density accept numerical inputs, BUT number jumps.
Example: Input 12% >Enter> value shown 11.9%

Hi there,

Some of this may be macOS related as I cannot reproduce all bugs here other than the percentage display. Which seems to only happen from 11 to 13%. Are you able to right-click instead of double clicking to input?


--- Quote from: Beanzvision on 2023-02-23, 15:33:45 ---Are you able to right-click instead of double clicking to input?

--- End quote ---
Left or right click, scrubber just jumps to cursor position.

Okay, I understand. Thanks. It seems the newer versions of C4D allow for manual input for each field, ie R26 and up and on older versions it is limited. We will have to look into this further.

Another cool trick you can try is to use the drop-down button and manually input your desired values for each spline. Does this also work for you?


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