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Diffuse map not showing in Material Preview when using composit-map

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Not sure if that is something i never noticed, or some weird bug. If creating a corona-physical material. The Material preview is not showing the base/Diffuse layer if texture map channel is other than 1 if i use a composit map to mix various texturemaps.
All other maps like glossy or bump show correctly.
I probably didnt noticed, when i used straight the map or with legacy materials.

I'm using Max 2020 and corona 7 hotfix1


I was unable to reproduce this issue on Corona 8 hf 2.For me, it is working fine. Please see the screenshot here:

It is possible that you are doing things differently than I have done. If you can provide me a simple scene or some repro steps so I will be able to reproduce this on my end.

Also, please try using Corona 8 hf 2 and see if the problem you are referring still persists.

Let me know.

Hello, it is Nazar here from Corona support team - do you have any update on this issue?

sorry... I was busy with work and didn't looked into the forum for a while.
I think i need to find some time to test with newer corona version - maybe after eastern.

I tried it with Max2020 and recent Corona 9 hotfix 1 .... seems to work as supposed.
Not sure if it was something in Corona 7 which i used before or complex scenes - but haven't tried that again - as the most recent version seems to work.


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