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Vantage and Corona

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Ink Visual:
Just tested Vantage after converting one of our Corona scenes to Vray and I must say I'm pretty impressed.
It was pretty heavy scene with plenty of complicated scatters, high poly furniture, etc. and all this was imported to Vantage pretty much flawless.
I'd say the biggest struggle was the actual conversion from Corona to Vray, with many materials converting with wrong glossiness/refractions values etc.

Nevertheless huge vote for me for making Corona working with Vantage, it could be real gamechanger for animations for us.

+1 for vantage support.
Would save me so much time for test renders as well as working sessions with clients if i was able to move around the scene and have it be most of the way there in terms of lighting and shadow.

yes i think that woudl give Vantage also a nice boost, and growth of the userbase - as so many archviz companies are using Corona today on max and c4d.

so +1 from me


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