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Hi Everyone,

In the most recent daily build we have switched from the legacy licensing to the Chaos licensing. You can find the full changelog, including currently known limitations, here: We are also aware of an potential issue that in some cases users can find "No licenses available" in the Chaos License server - we already know the root cause of this and are activelly working on a solution.

This thread is to post any feedback you have on the new licensing, and we'll be monitoring it closely for the next few days in the case anyone has any issues. As usual, if you have some urgent issue please contact support at:


anyone with a mac version got this working?

I'm on M1 big sur

I installed the lic server and nothing happens, when I open corona and try to activate it says can't reach server, when i try to open lic server it won't open on the browser.

the Chaosgroup folder is located under applications folder and not in User/Chaosgroup as mention on the release notes

I know you mention a file to be placed on specific folder, but I can't find anywhere this sample file. :/

Maybe I just need a more detailed step by step


Hi Rafaz,

Thanks for the heads up, we forgot to add that file. Oops. It has now been added. Please feel free to visit this thread to download it:


I'm getting this messgage as well on Windows 10. What am I supposed to do with the xml file? Thanks, John

Nothing seems to work... Reverting to previous build...


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