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iRay vs Octane vs Corona (for Max)

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No doubt Corona is awesome and can't wait for some of the upcoming features.
However, I'm wondering if anybody who's used/tested all the various unbiased renders out there and
can briefly lay out their advantage.

And I'm talking mostly about speed and quality for mostly Arch Viz and product renderings, because I've no doubt no doubt
that features like fur, active shade use etc. will be added to Corona.

Ok, go! :)


Ludvik Koutny:
It's really easy equation:


Serious question, dunno why it's so strange to ask..
In theory one unbiased physically accurate renderer should get the same results and
since it has very little setup (and I excluded advanced options), what's left is speed in real world usage.

--- Quote from: Rawalanche on 2014-04-12, 22:10:56 ---It's really easy equation:


--- End quote ---

Do you have some measurable comparisons?

I  only briefly tried iRay and already love Corona and ready to use this for all arch viz in the future but would love to see/hear
a comparison in speed or otherwise from somebody who tried some/all of these.

So no, no trolling.

Oh, come on, do your search, Corona probably has been compared against all existing renderers in the world:,109.0.html,3169.msg23356.html#msg23356,2631.0.html,433.0.html,840.0.html,2281.0.html


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