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Suspension of Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD development

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Suspension of Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD development

We're sorry to have to announce the suspension of development on Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD. Our apologies to our Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD users, please know that we share your disappointment and that this was a very difficult decision for us to take. We've kept working on this as long as possible - right up to releasing a new daily build on Monday March 23rd - in the hopes that we could find a way to continue development without any interruption, but that has proven impossible.
The primary cause is finding enough good developers and related staff - this is hard at the best of times, and in the current world situation, is tougher than ever (by the way, if you know of anyone who has found themselves looking for work due to a change in circumstances, send them to ). Alex has done an amazing job in carrying the development through to its current advanced stage, but to push further forward and move toward an actual release, we'd need a larger team, and that is just not going to happen at the moment.
After re-evaluating our strategies and plans in the current environment, we've decided to move Alex on to the Core team, and pause the development for ARCHICAD for an unknown amount of time.
Please note that this is specific to Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD only. Corona Renderer for 3ds Max and Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D are unaffected, as is the company as a whole, and development on those is continuing with no change.
Meantime, if you are a developer, or have skills in QA, support, project management, etc., do please visit our jobs page at and get in touch with us. Even if hiring is impacted right now by travel restrictions etc., we can keep your information on file for when things return to normal.

Hello everybody!

It was a hard week and you probably now understand, why I was not very active on the forum recently. I see all your posts about issues in the latest release and I'll make my best to find some spare time and fix critical issues. Also, I'm here to make support, so don't be afraid to ask questions or report new bugs or features.
I will find couple of minutes for the support for sure...

I'm kinda sad, it was a great time spent with a great community. I hope this is only a temporary situation and I'll be back on the project in the near future.

Stay safe and keep doing great work!

So Sad ( While not really surprised,...;( )

Let's hope for better days ..for all of us.

Oh no !

I hope Corona decision is temporary and in near future You will continou working on it - it's worth it !
Meanwhile - good luck !

This is very sad, but the alpha 5 is still far, far better than the integrated Cinerender in Archicad.
We will keep using it until you pry it from our corona infected, dead hands.



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