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System units and Global Illumination

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Hello everyone, I have a question - is there a difference in the calculation of global illumination by using different system unit ? For example, if the scene is constructed in centimeters and the same scene is built in millimeters , will result identical to the final image , both in time and in quality ? Thank you all in advance for your reply.

no, no difference

Thanks for the answer. What about converting materials if a switch to millimeters centimeters, the radius of influence AO becomes 10 times more. It's sure to affect the calculation of GI

of course, also DOF changes with scene scale. But that is changing the scene input description, so it is logical that you will get different result. I was thinking you were talking about things like speed, artifacts, noise, etc.

Mostly I asked about it and - it was already passing second question)
Thanks for the clarification, just tortured me this question. I always convenient to design the interiors in millimeters, but what if somehow faster in centimeters or qualitative miscalculation. Now I am calm and I will work as before in millimeters.


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