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Free Corona Lookdev environment for 3dsmax

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Hey 3dsmax and corona users.
I want to share my free lookdevelopment environment with you guys.

With completely neutral colors and lighting. This scene ensures that you have the perfect environment to develop shaders, and that your shaders will have reliable results across various lighting conditions.

Hope you will like it.

Thank you for sharing!
Could you, please, share same content for Max 2014 as well? Or it needs some specific Max 2016's features?

Hi Xntric.

First and foremost , thanks so much for your time and effort to create something like this.
Secondly and maybe a very dumb question , but how do you go about using something like this ?
When I read dubcat and other more seasoned pros' like yourself's comments I never understand how you go about using calibrated light and color charts.

For example lets say I need to create a wood material, what precisely would I be comparing my texture to in relation to 128 grey or the color chart for that matter
How would I know that the material I created in this scene is correct in its diffuse approach.
Would I compare a set standard of values in relation to other parameters, or at the end of the day it boils down to what looks right ? But my look right never seems to look as realistic as others,:)

I would really appreciate some quick reference as to the exact approach other people go about with material creation and a calibrated scene

Much appreciated and thanks in advance

Hey JadeFox.

Thanks man!
And sorry for the late reply.
I actually included a Readme file in the download, with a few instructions as well as some tips.
I'm by no means a 'seasoned pro', and dubcat knows way more than i do.
I'm just a 3D student that wanted to learn more about this stuff as well, and so i gave myself the task to make this scene.
If you're interested in learning some of the colortheory, i'd suggest you to read this PDF from a 2012 siggraph course.
This goes through everything you need to know, and helped me tremendously.

Hope this helps :)

Bormax, sorry my 3ds max 2019 version doesn't allow me to save as a earlier version than 2016 for some reason.


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