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Corona API 2.0 created

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I've just finished a new version of the C++ Corona API. This one adds the support for distributed rendering, easier instancing, displacement, ..., and is much easier to use in general. It will now be used for Cinema4D and Maya versions of Corona. If somebody wants to do an implementation in any other software, contact me. I am looking for talented programmers to connect Corona to other sofware in exchange for licence sale profit cut.

PS: Please note, that the API is incompatible with Blender (because it is C++ and closed-source).

good effort !! that's great :) , there is a possibility to integrate Corona in Archicad as a plugin , maxwell and octane render have plugins for archicad but they are not as easy as corona ! hope it'll be aded , cheers :)


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Oh god, we had Archicad classes through one semester. It was such traumatic experience.

Maya version every day closer

Hi Ondra, it's possible to use API for standalone software development like etc. interactive furniture catalog?


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