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I don't know if this affect other users, but most of times when the Scene Parsing and Geometry is running and you press Stop - it doesn't STOP.

Is the most annoying thing in Corona, that when you press the Cancel button or Stop button, it doesn't stop the render. It has to go until the end of the calculation to stop. So, must of the times we have to wait like 15 minutes or 20 minutes until we can start work. Is this a bug?

Just me then and another 10 guys? Could be a server problem?

Christa Noel:
its not the most annoying imo ;)
yes sometimes i need it when for example when I forgot to run the render without turn off the displacement, canceling the calculation is the right time to do something we forgot. and, uhm it looks like that scene parsing / geometry calculation isn't designed to be interruptible.
Does anybody know is this behavior occurred in other renderer too?
and, if it is possible I'd like to have interruptible sceneParsing/geometryCalculation in corona.

15 - 20min seems to be a lot of time for coffee.

Computing sec. GI can be easily canceled so Parsing scene and preparing geometry should be too when corona team look on it :) .
I am not sure about the first pass Transforming Verticles, probably it is handled completely by max, you can not even move VFB window during it. For example in this pass is Forest pack calculating all areas defined by splines. In my last project I was forced to do some optimization in number of spline verticles(I save lot of time during this pass!!).
I dont know how big are your scenes, can you also do some optimization so the waiting for canceling would be not so painful?

+1 for stop render during preprocessing

+1 for me too. Not sure if it's a Max thing or not, but would love for instant cancel of any render stage when you hit Stop / Cancel


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