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Region render - only the border is noise-free!

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I'm fairly certain this is a bug as it never happened before the 1.6 release...

I can't get a noise-free result if I render an area snip within the Corona VFB. There's a strange border of a few pixels around the crop marker that does render correctly and then the rest inside is just left noisy. This, as I said earlier, did not use to be the case before.

I'm on Corona 1.6.1. Any ideas? It's quite annoying, especially when I need to do a patch render to fix an issue somewhere - the result barely resolves.

The issue is not present when rendering the full viewport.

There was a bug in adaptivity which caused this issue which should be fixed now. Could you please try using 1.7 daily builds to see if that still happens?

Erm, sorry. I just noticed that the bugfix has not been released in any daily build yet. Hopefully it will make it into the next daily.

Thanks for the reply!

I figured it might be adaptivity-related :)

Is the only way going to be to get nightlies or will there be a 1.6.2 with the fix?

Most probably there won't be second hotfix for 1.6, so the daily builds will be the only way to get this fix.


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