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CIE loading Post settings by default and saving regular exr. file problem's

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--- Quote from: maru on 2017-06-21, 11:53:05 ---I think this thread is getting a bit chaotic. It would be great if you guys could report only the issues you have encountered in your posts, for example:
-EXR opens darker in Photoshop than in CIE
-Additional screenshots/files demonstrating the issue
And that would be the only content of your post.
That way it would be much easier for our developers to deal with the reports, and eventually provide with answers or solve the bugs.

Side not: I am using a free EXR-IO plugin to load EXRs in PS and I think it's really great, plus it has tutorials:
It also gets rid of that confusing "alpha channel as alpha" PS dialog.

--- End quote ---

Separate thread for this problem's:)
Even with this Plugin i get completely same result:)
With saving exr. directly from corona VFB always Ok with Alpha Channel
see picture 4-----------

One TIP for CIE behavior...
Now CIE not correct for loading POST data settings from cxr. file by default /not only LUT settings, There is a suspicion that this applies to all settings in POST tab of VFB---I also found a problem with the filter sharpening/blurring ////
for full assurance that's all correct, exist possibility to save POST data to Corona Configuration file /conf./ from VFB and than loading them to CIE post data////

A Problem i think that CIE not correct saving exr. Alpha data, because even loading exr. file in PS with option /NOT TRANSPARENT--ONLY Alpha mask/ this still having TRANSPARENT on Alpha
For full controlled saving process i propose to make something like 3dmax saving tab for exr. type files///
In this case exist option to saving exr. files without ALPHA channel at all, only RGB data//
Also making saving configuration tabs for all other types of bitmap files /JPEG,TIFF,BMP,PNG/ for controlling Compression,Channels and etc. parameters during saving process///
Which exist in each
normal application for Image Reduction--- include Viewers:)))

The bug where CIE loads post processing settings incorrectly is already fixed for next daily. We're planning to add more options for saving (16-bit TIFF support to begin with) in the near future.

Last Daily Build from 22 2017///
1.With loading LUT and post process data always OK:)
2.With saving Regular exr. format same problem that was in previous versions even with using this plugin :( ///

3.Problem with saving regular exr. with and without Bloom filter:
As can be seen from the above we can't using Regular Exr. files from CIE to work with this in PS or other's Image Editors, -------------only from VFB :(


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