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Changes to layered materials with absorption in 1.6?

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I've noticed a really significant slowdown when rendering a layered material with a refractive/absorbing material as a base (sea water with foam in this case). I wasn't aware anything changed here? What can I do?

Hi, can you show some comparison of this? Or an example material setup.
Also, the slowdown is compared to which version? 1.5?

Hey Maru, I've attached a simplified sample scene below. It's specifically using distance tex. You can see from the screen grabs of the VFB that 1.5.2 is monumentally faster than 1.6 in this case.

Sorry for the delay. I have just checked this, but honestly I have no idea what is going on. It could be related to t he way the distance map is handled (maybe?).

One thing is that I was not able to get such huge difference between 1.5 hf2 and 1.6 hf1.

Another thing is that the renders come out completely different, and I did not change anything in the provided file.

Weird, I will try doing a fresh install of corona 1.6.1. on Monday and see if that changes anything. I had previously just copied the unpacked 1.5.2 files and then copied 1.6 back on top of them.

Not sure why the provided file would render differently :(


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