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Visibility Bug When using SSS or Volumetrics


Corona Render visibility bug when using SSS

Try With material 1 and Material 2
When material has sss, visibitily parameters are ignored, and does not matter if refraction is 0,0... is still affecting....
This does not happen when using any material with NON SSS ou Volumetrical properties.
Samples in these link:

Interesting. My guess is that it would mean that "visibility" only hides object's surface, and SSS materials are computed for its volume. That would also explain why surface properties like reflectivity are invisible when setting visibility to 0.

yeah! I also think that´s the reason... to solve it we did a maxscript like: when visibility is = 0,0 objects are  not rendereable, when visibility is :1,0 objects are renderable, and this script runs by every frame... it is a temporary solution... but it worked... =]... hope we have a official solution soon

Are u guys taking a look at it?


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