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Corona Face Mapping Method (VP Crossmap and 2017)


I recently got into some trouble while working with Max 2017. Older Scenes which were working stressless with Max 2016 or prior were not able to open in Max2017.

Some Testing on my side and after some Feedback from Vizpark Support we narrowed it down to a problem with Max2017/Corona and a Mapping Method i used formerly in Vizpark Crossmap. I used a Material  which i converted from Vray. It was part of a multi-sub-material and somehow triggered no Problems with Max2016.
In 2017 it somehow caused the Scene to crash in many attempts. Feedback from Vizpark was, the problem occours because of Mapping method - which caused no Problem with Max 2016 so far. (even if it was not rendering correctly in 2016, but it was not really in one of the main Objects facing my attention)

I didn't knew that some Mapping Methods were not working with Corona. Is there a Fix to this or at least a List of mapping Modes which are supported by Corona?

If necessary i can provide Dump-Data.

Hi Jens,

It would be best if you could describe everything on Mantis ( and also provide sample scenes, minidumps, and the full conversation with Vizpark Support. If you wish, you can just pack everything and send it to me (either or, and I will make the bug report on your behalf.

Note to self: received further info in support ticket 3495


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