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Vote for return of Tom Hudson as 3ds Max developer

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Ludvik Koutny:
For all of you who at least little bit like 3ds Max, please help to get 3ds Max back into active development by voting for Tom Hudson. Development of 3ds Max in past years has been quite disappointing, and if you want to finally see those historic persistent bugs fixed and some truly innovative feautes added, then the very least you can do is to give your vote.

If you do not have an Autodesk account, it just takes you a minute to create one.

If you do, then please vote to help both yourselves and other users, as well as the future of 3ds Max.

If you do have an AD account, but do not have any votes left, then consider removing votes from some of the other ideas that have less chance of success.

Thank you very much in advance.

You can vote here:

For more information about this, please take a look here:

this is very dangerous, because if this really succeeds, I will be interested in joining that team :D

no, no, no, you are doing something extremely necessary here, don't go to AD, they will break all your works !!! ;)

read the article - not autodesk, but tom hudson team :D

Even if it would work (I voted but I don't believe it will happen) I really doubt that he would be able to do something about the whole situation. You all know how autodesk runs the business - even the king of the jungle tends to purr like a little cat if he has burning torch in his neck.


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