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ScriptSpot link
Macros category - "Nik Scripts"

johan belmans:
Hi there

this is something I am looking for a long time.  I am happy :-)

I would like it to add the script as a shortcut to a toolbar.
In which category do I have to look for the script?
If there isn't one at the moment, I would suggest the "Cororna Renderer" category. As Deadclown placed his script under this category as well.



I wasn't sure that somebody will be interested in this script :)
There is no macro for now. I will make it today

UPD. I did that

This looks great. Thank you! Will try it soon.

Wait, today I will upload new v1.3 with some bugfixes, adaptive dialog height and code optimisation.
UPD. v1.3 ready

Feature requests are welcome :)


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