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The Corona Converter is now maintained and developed by the Corona Team. I decided to stop dragging it out any further. As you may have noticed, updates and fixes were rather slow and quite far apart. The reason is that I haven't been using Corona in quite a while, mostly because my focus shifted more towards other DCCs where Corona does not exist. So, I fell behind following the news and changes that have been made in Corona and at this point I have missed many things that should be reflected in the converter. I think that it is unfair to the users to let the converter wither like that and asked the Corona guys if they wanted to take over - which they thankfully did :) .

Long story short: As of now, bug reports and feature wishes go directly to the respective forums.

Thanks to all of you for your support and the great connections and friendships I made here since 2012.


Written by Martin Geupel (

The Script will be continuously updated. You will find the latest versions and the changelog at the page linked below.

To Download the latest Script versions click here:
> > Corona Material Converter


New Version:


* Reset MatEditor to Corona Materials added
* better fR_Architectural translucency conversion by Rawalanche (+ glassmode)
* better MR_ArchAndDesign translucency conversion by Rawalanche (+ glassmode)
I'm still struggling with the Vray translucency conversion since converting system units into some "scalar" value doesn't make sense to me :-/
Thanks for your more detailed MR translucency conversion technique Rawalanche, it helped a lot :)


Ludvik Koutny:
Wow, i can't believe how well the script works now! I can convert all my scenes with a single click and all materials are converted properly. Great job! :)))

I'm happy to hear that :) I didn't test it so much on "real" production scenes yet. If you have any suggestions how to make conversions better, don't be too shy to tell me ;)


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