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Obsolete CPU detection

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sad for me i must use the legacy version, but hey it's not that bad too i like the speed lol

hi. how can i monitoring thats all still working well. give me a point... please

Hi devs, I use a Dell XPS 14 Ultrabook as my 3D modelling tool for on the go. I have an i7 CPU running @ 1.9GHz(2.4GHz with TurboBoost), 8GB of RAM and Windows 8 64x. When installing Corona, it does say that my Ultrabook is able to run Corona at full speed, however, I was wondering on how this tool actually work or what minimum hardware spec is needed to do so? I was just wondering how people could have "weaker" specs than my Ultrabook :)

I test it and get "supported" but i'm using AMD processor and its much slower than Intel i series!

You are making a fantastic job!!!! Superb!!!
test it all well!!!


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