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After rendering in progressive mode for over 2 mins, upon closing Corona Standalone the image is not auto-saved to the output directory.  The Blender exporter also seems to hang, thinking Corona is still running; it doesn't seem to be getting a return code from the terminated process.  I imagine these are probably related?

The gi.hdCache.doPreviz parameter is true by default in my exporter, but it doesn't show the cache being created.  I may just need to do some more testing...?

I saw that you crossed out Color Correction node :) What is that?? Is it documented somewhere in the wiki yet? 

[Archive] Chaos Corona for Maya / Re: release 0.24
« on: 2014-05-12, 15:48:00 »
Indeed, this works fine as long as the color is only a color. But if you connect a texture to the color, the value cannot be simply manipulated. But I'll have a look at another location, maybe I missed something.

Right, that's a limitation in my exporter as well.  But I got a lot of requests from people who had been used to working with Corona in 3ds Max, asking for controls similar to what the Max plugin uses.  If you talk to Ludvik Koutny or Ondra himself, they may have some interface suggestions/requests for plugin consistency across applications.  Ludvik was especially helpful when I was re-designing the UI and trying to figure out these kinds of small implementation details.

[Archive] Chaos Corona for Maya / Re: release 0.24
« on: 2014-05-09, 15:31:40 »
Update is available. In the API there is no such thing like a diffuse level parameter as much as I can see, not sure how it is done in 3dsmax.

Diffuse level is a multiplier for multiplying the RGB of the diffuse color.  In my Blender exporter, I just had to expose the parameters to the user and calculate everything myself on the back end.  I can't imagine it's in the API.  There is also a translucency multiplier.  The formula for it is:

diffuseMultiplier *= (1.f - translucencyMultiplier);

Then you multiply the diffuse color by the diffuseMultiplier, and translucency color is simply multiplied by the translucencyMultiplier.  In the UI, the multipliers are just 0-1 float sliders.

The global render settings reset when I open the render settings window.  This means having to redo the resolution / aspect ratio if they've been tweaked previously.

[Archive] Chaos Corona for Maya / Re: release 0.23
« on: 2014-04-26, 16:28:43 »
Also, is normal mapping / bump mapping implemented yet? 

[Archive] Chaos Corona for Maya / Re: release 0.23
« on: 2014-04-26, 16:22:22 »
I just realized, I don't know how to make emissive materials emit enough light to illuminate my scene.  In my Blender exporter, I've got an Emission Strength property by which I multiply the emission color, so instead of, say, RGB of 1, 1, 1, you can multiply it by the strength value and it ends up something like 250, 250, 250.  Is there something similar in Corona for Maya?

[Archive] Chaos Corona for Maya / Re: release 0.23
« on: 2014-04-21, 05:58:27 »
Yeah, the image saved to disk is fine. 

[Archive] Chaos Corona for Maya / Re: release 0.23
« on: 2014-04-18, 16:49:07 »
Great new release!  I have only had a little time to use it yet but it's looking great! 
My only issue so far is the image appearing in the render window as unfinished. I reported this before, but it may very we'll be that the image is just loaded from disk before the image is saved as finished(?). I'm away from my computer fora few days, but I'll post more details when I get home.

I'm having trouble getting Corona to render an animation with Blender. I set up the frame range and the maximum number of passes, but only one frame gets rendered at a time. I have to manually close the Corona render window for the next frame to begin rendering. Am I doing something wrong, or is this just a limitation of the Corona exporter for Blender? Thanks!

I need to update the Wiki with render settings and workflows.  The workflow for rendering an animation is to select "None" as the frame buffer in the Corona Virtual Framebuffer tab, and the animation button will appear in the Corona Render tab.  It won't use the Framebuffer window at all, but will render via the command line. When a frame is done rendering, it will be saved to disk and loaded into Blender's image editor. 

Chaos Corona for Blender / Re: Still down...w/Blender Win 64
« on: 2014-04-18, 16:37:52 »
Interesting. I'm away from my computer until Sunday so I can't troubleshoot this until then, but the addin needs to be installed in the addons directory or installed via the User Preferences dialog, not addons_contrib.  I'll have to look at it more closely but that may be the cause of the error, in fact. there's something that relies on correct installation directories, and it may be part of the material UI code.

A question on this and blender .... I downloaded corona, unpacked it somewhere, added your .exe file and have shown the blender plugin, where this directory is ... but not much happens when I try to render in corona render in blender (in fact, nothing happens once you hit F12 to render in blender).

I went testing on commandline ... just corona.exe gives me the help text correctly. I then located an old .obj and .mlt file pair I have .... and tried corona.exe sofee.obj .... it dies with an error, that it could not locate sofee.objsofee.mtl (no space in between)?

Please post Blender-related questions in the "Corona for Blender" forum.  They'll get lost in the shuffle on this thread, since this thread is primarily about Corona Standalone itself ;)

Corona Standalone / Re: Standalone requests
« on: 2014-04-18, 16:28:58 »
Yeah, I've been kinda silent for a while 'cause I'm gonna be moving about 1300 miles away next month! House hunting is a huge distraction from coding ;)  Things should settle down soon, so I should have more time for new features.  It's just bug-hunting and small updates for the time being.

Corona Standalone / Re: Standalone requests
« on: 2014-04-18, 03:58:39 »
yes, here is the list of recently implemented ones:,3030.0.html

Standalone version development is currently halted until joel implements all the stuff from last update

I don't know for sure that anything is missing from the current version of the exporter. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I've implemented almost everything. There were a few minor things like a few of the camera types, that I didn't add. But I think everything else is in there now(?)

Chaos Corona for Blender / Re: Still down...w/Blender Win 64
« on: 2014-04-07, 05:22:30 »
I'm sorry, but this error doesn't tell me anything.  It doesn't pertain to my addon, this error is coming from a "" addon. 

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