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[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / 3D zoom in VFB
« on: 2017-10-15, 08:03:17 »
The pan/zoom functionality in VFB is great, but I was wondering if it would be possible to have the zoom be an actual 3D zoom, i.e. you are not just enlarging pixels when you zoom in? This would be very useful to study details in the scene. Kind of like the blow up in Max.

First of all congratulations to an amazing upgrade!

Second, simple beginner question. I'm using a physical camera so my frame buffer EV control is disabled. However, shouldn't setting Render Setup / Post processing to Basic photographic settings allow me to adjust the exposure? Nothing happens when change these parameters? I'm in production rendering mode so I don't have access to the actual camera.

General CG Discussion / Handling messy scenes?
« on: 2016-07-26, 04:43:51 »
I've received a scene in Revit format and imported it to separate objects based on their materials, as that is the fastest way I know to get it generally render ready.

However, the down side is that elements like walls etc becomes one object and the whole scene very messy to handle. In this case I need to render a room in the middle of the building and it is difficult to separate things that are on the level above or below when looking in wireframe. I would need something like the section box they have in Revit. Anyone heard of a plug in like that? Anyone with tips on how to handle something like this? I would like to work orthographic so a camera cutoff plane wouldn't help either.

[Max] I need help! / Stupid dome question of the day
« on: 2016-07-17, 02:09:03 »
This is probably so obvious that I won't get an answer but here we go.

I typically use the hdr environment directly on my exterior shots, as I've never been very happy with the fringing I get from the alpha when replacing the sky in post. I've bought some quality hdrs that I typically use so this is normally pretty straight forward. However, I now want to use some hdr where the exposure is either to weak or strong (or uninteresting) and I'm playing with a big inverted dome and a sky texture map with self illumination but not getting the results I was expecting.

How does an environ map really work? Is it infinitely outside this sky object dome or can I make my dome big enough to have the environment on the inside? How can I use an hdr map (loaded via VRAYHDRI if that matters) with my sky dome (that doesn't really add any light affects the scene) and be certain it won't affect/obscure the lighting of the scene? I've played with the object properties but I remember that had another set of properties in Vray. I want the reflections of the dome in my window but nothing else.

Thank you in advance for your patience with me here.

[Max] I need help! / Recommended way of setting exposure
« on: 2016-06-13, 21:03:44 »
I've recently upgraded to 3ds Max 2016 with the built-in physical camera and have some questions.

1) Do I still use the CoronaCameraMod or is that redundant now?

2) Where should I actually control the exposure, in the render setup, coronacameramod or the physical camera? None of the others seems to update if I modify one of them, not even the VFB, at least not if I go below 0.0 EV.

What is your workflow for re-using all your existing models with Vray materials?`

I have accumulated and created a ton of models over years, and have become so used to just dragging things in to my scene with Project Manager or using flopitor that I'm starting to see some productivity bumps now that I have to convert things first. I normally do this by running a second copy of Max and using the converter script, but it is a hassle, especially when the scene I want something from is large.

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