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Vegetation shader

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I posted this in my wip thread, but might as repost it here if it's ok, more people may come across it here. This is quick start into how I do my vegetation, but most of it is bit old (it desperately needs vertex colors and instance variation),
so I might learn and update it during this project and then do a full video on it.

Thanks Juraj, this helps a lot. Seems that I have to step up on my veggy materials. :)

Even basics helps the most :- ) Good normal map with strong relief and saying no to "evermotion green" color (toxic level of brightness and saturation)

Thanks for sharing. I have never tried the front back map with darker and lighter shades. Will give it a try. Quick question though; what do you do for the branches? Also any recommendation for pine trees?

I will continue with the branches and trees :- ) But not today, need to do some client's review that suddenly came.


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