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I need help with creating material

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Hello guys, I dont know how to create this kind of meterial, do you guys saw this type of material on some site or know how to create such structure. I completely dont know how to make roughness and bump map.,15574

I created this viz, maybe you can tell whats wrong with he material

Update, I found out that I need to work more on bump map rathen than flat diffuse map. Do you know how to create such bump structure ?

Aram Avetisyan:

You are pretty close. The effect you are looking for is most probably achieved by reflection glossiness (the inverse of roughness and vice versa) and a bit of bump.
You can simply download the sample from the link you shared as a texture and create different greyscale maps from it for roughness and bump.
I think the part you are missing is the texture mapping/scale at this point, rather than the material channels.

wow, that sound just like the answer to my problem, i have never done that, i mean converting image to bump and gloss but maybe it will work correctly you. I will post the resoult tommorow


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