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CTexMap not showing same RGB values as the loaded texmap


Hello! Returning Corona user here.

Background: I'm trying to render images without any shading whatsoever, just 1:1 to a PNG that is projected onto the model. This needs to be both quick and flawless, IE absolutely no noise or other AA artifacts whatsoever, just a 3k render of a high-rez bitmap projected on a model. Thousands of times, different camera angles, different bitmaps. This is for a heavy post-production pipeline involving both my flat RGB pass and several B/W masks that I create from source files. Think "glossy lacquer", "gold material" etc. Pixels need to be perfect for the retouchers to use my passes as masks. So far Fstorm is the only renderer that does this the way I want, but I'm looking at other renderers, and I own a Corona license, so I'm trying new stuff, since Fstorm is kind of slow and sometimes has hard to correct stepping artifacts in the AA.

Situation: Scene with packaging and stickers as models. I have a CoronaMultiMap with several bitmaps loaded into it. These are untouched, as they will be later, IE no changes to color space or anything. I also have a render element with a CTexmap, with the CoronaMultiMap piped into it.

Problem: When I press render and scroll to the Ctexmap, the RGB values are waaaaaay darker than the input bitmaps. I don't even need to open my original bitmap in PS and paste the image from the frame buffer, it's obviously wrong.

Question: What to do? I use Max 2024, about to tentatively switch to 25. Running Corona 11.

Did you try to save render element to the disk and the view it? Also pay attention to the gamma when saving, i think you need to choose override gamma 1.0, unless you're saving to HDR format.

Aram Avetisyan:
First of all, make absolutely sure you are using Gamma workflow, no OCIO modes, as these are not fully supported yet even with Corona 11 HF2 and Max 2025.

Then do as Romullus told - apparently the CTexmap in VFB is shown as "data image" and there is no gamma correction applied to it.
But when you save it out (even with default "Automatic" settings, no manual gamma override), the output is as the input image.
Just quickly tested this in a simple PNG file, everything seems working fine.


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