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Weird IP adress on DR server


Hi there,
I'm actually struggling to get my node working : instead of having DR server showing the local node IP address, it shows
In the node IP option, I get the right IP address (, as into Render setup of the master computer(

Any idea ?

Also, the node gets TONS of data without rendring : more than 170GB of RAM usage (it has 128gb), while the master computer is merly at 100gb.
Any idea why there is so much difference ?

I precise the node on run DR server, nothing else.


Type this into the Windows Start Menu and press Enter: ncpa.cpl
Do you see only 1 network adapter there, or more?
If there is more than 1, it could mean that your DR Server picks up the wrong network adapter.
One solution would be to disable the network adapter which is not necessary (if possible) and try again.

Regarding RAM usage - where exactly do you see those numbers? If you mean in the VFB or in the DR Server window, then you don't have to worry about it. It's best to manually check RAM usage on the node. The numbers displayed by Corona are actually the commit size / physical RAM. The commit size is the amount of memory "reserved" by the OS, so it can often be larger than the actual physical memory and that's normal. See:

Hi Maru, I see 2 adapters, 1 working 1 unconnected.
I Deactivate the second, still the same weird IP.

I see them in the DrServer.
Ok, I will check the RAM in the control panel next time, thanks for the advice :)

Since this issue is most likely related to your network setup, I would recommend sending a support ticket here:
Our technical support team should be able to assist you further.

I can also see that there are similar forum threads online (not specifically about Corona though):
What I think may be happening here is having two subnets (subnetworks) and ideally Corona DR should be used with just a single subnet.


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