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How to avoid rendering all lights separately in Render Elements



When I render a specific scene, all lights in the scene are saving seperately. I've searched ''Render Elements'' section on the web, and i guess it is not about lights, but I can see the all lights in Render Elements. If I delete all of these in this section, any problems occur?

Looks like you have set up a lightmix for our scene.

This will create a CShading_LightSelect element for each of your lights/groups etc. and then name it as such.

As long as you have saved all of your lighting changes to your scene (check the lightselect tab on the frame buffer, all should be set to 1.0) then you won't have any problems.

Yes, this is the result of using LightMix -

LightMix generates one render element per light and blends all of them in the VFB so that you can see the final result and tweak the intensities and colors of your individual lights.
If you delete those render elements, nothing bad will happen, but you will not be able to use LightMix any more.

Pooya Madani:

When you set up the light mix, you get these channels. These are the lightmix channels, giving you control to tweak lights inside the corona frame buffer. Also later if you want to do some Photoshop post production work, these channels can be very useful. 


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