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Blotchy lights?!



I'm rendering a  scene with some recess's in the celling and some hidden lights to create a soft diffused light coming
down the central section marked 1 on the render. I've region rendered the area in question so it is clearly seen.
I have also attached a screen grab of the section so you can see the light source and profile.
The problem is I'm getting a lot of strange shadows from the light for some reason and I can t work out why?!

I've tried changing materials so it cant be anything with materials.
I've also tried making more lights instead of one big long strip and that made no difference.
I've also tried to up the precision on the UHD Cache to 20 and this made it a little better but still not great as can be seen.

Please can someone point me in the right direction.

Thanks for your help.


try to change the secondary solver to 4k cache instead of UHD. It should solve your issue.


Thanks for the response we tried this and unfortunately it didn't help!

Not sure what to try next?!

Thanks again

Thanks for reporting this. Could you please contact our support team at and attach your problematic scene? We will do our best to find the culprit and provide a solution.
Thanks in advance!


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