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Intel CPU/GPU AI Denoising Issues

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Peter A.:
Hello Corona Renderer Team,

Recently, I noticed strange behaviour of Intel CPU/ GPU AI denoiser. The level of denoising is dropping randomly, even when rendering the same scene twice in a row without any scene actions.

Here is a 20 minutes preview, all Corona settings are intact for both images. Image A has a desired denoise effect, image B is the exactly same settings but visibly lower quality. This randomly happens only with version 11, without and with hotfix installed. When I render image B again few minutes later without any scene changes, I get the same result as A.

FYI, Corona High Quality Denoiser works perfectly but at a time costs.


Just some questions for detail - is this final rendering, IR, or both? Is this with NVIDIA and Intel, or just with one of them? What hardware do you have in terms of GPU? Does it happen in all scenes or only this one? Can you send in an example scene where this happens> What version of Max? Pass, time, or noise level as the rendering limit? Do you have the latest GPU drivers installed?

I quickly tried to repro this but it seems to be working fine on my end. If the issue persists for you then we would need more info from you specifically what Tom has asked in the above message.

Peter A.:
Hi Tom and Avi,

Thank you both for replies. I'm putting together all required info and will post it aasap.



Sure, you can always start a ticket using this link :


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