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Noise on bump NaN error window on viewport IR

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Hi all.
I get a NaN error window.
Just open the scene, and start IR (the viewport IR).
If you don't get the error try opening the material editor or moving the perspective view.
I'm not getting the error on the VFB IR.

3ds max 2023 - Corona 11 hotfix 1

James Vella:
I just downloaded your scene and no error here (corona10). Could be a corona11 issue? Not sure, thought id just share anyway.

Aram Avetisyan:

I have checked the scene, multiple times, with Corona 11 and 11 hotfix 1.
Nor the viewport IR, not the VFB IR, not production render lead to NaN.

Is there something specific you were doing which were causing the NaN, e.g. material changing (while rendering), render setting changing etc.?


I was able to repro the same issue on my end with 3ds Max 2023 and 2024 + Corona 11 HF 1.

I have logged it further in our system to be further investigated by our devs. We will let you know if there are any updates on this.

(Internal ID=1287096377)

I am getting NaN issues much more often since Corona 11 HF1. It happens during IR while changing displacement values of Corona Displacement modifier. Of course if I save the scene it remains plagued by this problem :(
Is there any script or anything that might clean it?

Thank you


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