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The Betrayal : the new Chaos price list.

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I'm literally comparing what I paid in October 2022, to what I would have to pay today if I wanted the same thing.  Phoenix, Scans and all that nonsense that nobody asked for is no longer optional.  But I have to buy premium if I want the floating licence so, whether or not it comes with all the bloatware isn't our doing.

And this is the problem.  You're forcing us to pay for stuff we don't want/need.  How many people were using Phoenix, Scans, Cosmos etc before hand?

I have to compare to Premium because there's no alternative to get the floating licences.

I'll go back to my shopping analogy.  You're shopping is now 7666 euros, you're horrified, but the cashier tells you "but we've included a bundle of car cleaning equipment previously worth X amount and a new BBQ that you would have had to pay for separately last time you came in" the problem is you don't drive or own a car and you live in a studio apartment.  Do you just go, oh excellent, they're really useful to me so I'm happy to pay the extra?


--- Quote from: TomG on 2024-03-21, 12:24:53 ---or you'd have to look at Solo pricing today.

--- End quote ---

Please send me a link to an option to purchase solo with a floating licence


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