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Choose the map channel to see in viewport in C4D


I wanted to ask you for a feature that is very useful but corona does not have it.
The chance to choose which channel of the material to view in the viewport, not just the diffuse one but also the bump it will be very useful.
Very often i create a material that have a map on the diffuse and it also have a map on the bump channel. I need to see how big or small or stretched is in order to position the map right.
What i have to do at the moment is to take the map that i want to see in the viewport and put it in the diffuse channel, after the adjustment i have to copy that map to the right channel and bring back the diffuse one.
Or worst i have to start the IR to see how the bump respond and adjust it live, as you can imagine is not very smooth as doing it in the viewport.
Thank you very much


 A 'solo' node i believe its called in some other software

Hi there, we already have a request for such a thing ;)
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