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Shift lens in corona camera

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Hi, I bought a corona renderer a few weeks ago. This is a very professional product. But... there are some problems.  Exactly about the corona camera. I haven't found parameters such as vertical and horizontal shift anywhere ( not offset x and y). This is very important when I work on a composition!!! I worked on version 3.7 for several years. and these parameters give me a view like through a professional lens. I was able to fix the image right away in the camera rather than fixing it later in Photoshop. It works like shift lens in analog camera. I don't know why the crown doesn't have such an important function!!! Look, I can straighten a vertical line when the camera rotates through a vertical angle other than 0 degrees. I attach few jpg  who show how works shift correction in vray 3.7. someone can repair the camera

I know it's hard to break your established workflow. And I guess if you need to rebuild and match scenes already set up in V-ray this may be a pain. But Corona doesn't have this, and I've never needed it personally.

Just keep your camera straight and use a combination of camera positon and Y offset to get the same result.

James Vella:
Strange since that option is available in the Corona Camera in 3dsmax, is it a C4D implementation limitation?


Corona use the settings from the Cinema 4D builtin camera

Shift it isn't the same like offset


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