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In this video, I will explain how to improve hair sampling during Ornatrix hair rendering in 3ds Max/Corona Renderer.

Not everyone knows and understands that, more often than not, poor quality hair sampling is not really sampling, but just a small resolution for your task, or you just haven't rendered enough time.

For CloseUp - it is enough to move the camera, increase the resolution - if the first action is not enough and turn off the option "Render as planes" in CoronaHairMod.


0:00 - What will we talk about in this video?
0:37 - Demonstrating a HairSampling issue in CoronaRenderer from a subscriber.
0:53 - Showing an example with the same issue.
1:18 - Increasing resolution to 4K to fix hair pixelation.
1:22 - Turning off the Render as Planes option in CoronaHairMod.
1:28 - See what happened. As you can see - the issue is fixed. Yes, you can zoom in on the camera and thereby improve the quality in a small resolution. But more often it is the need to render a large resolution, so that when you zoom in the renderer - we don't see pixels and bad samping.
1:34 - Checking hair with CoronaHairMtl
1:45 - Reduce the thickness of the hairs to check the rendering quality with this result. Since in the subscriber's example - they were just thinner.
1:53 - Here I say always look at the picture at 1:1 scale. But if there is a need for 2:1 quality, etc. - just increase the resolution. For example, you need such a picture for a bigboard or for printing. At the same time, if you need just a close angle - just zoom in the camera and turn off the "Render as Planes" option in CoronaHairMod.
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Enjoy watching!
Sincerely, Andrew Krivulya Charly.

I am not saying this is not helpful, it can definitely help users, especially if they encounter this specific problem and/or if they are beginners, but...
here are some additional things to consider, maybe for a part 2? ;)

- lowering GI vs AA and rendering for the same time will get better anti-aliasing on hair
- on the other hand, increasing GI vs AA and rendering for the same time will get better quality in reflection/transmission effects, at the cost of anti-aliasing
- using the two above approaches may make sense depending on the specific case (close-up, far away, lots of reflections or not,...)
- changing image filter types from the default "high quality" will change the appearance of hair
- enabling highlight compression and/or clamping may fix issues with reflections, especially in strong highlight areas
- using denoisers may be a good idea to "render in higher resolution but not slower"

just my 2 cents :)


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