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Vantage and Corona

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--- Quote ---allow me to also add to this: Vray 6-beta, has got some amazing new stuff coming, clouds, geo-pattern tool, rule of thirds built into the VFB etc, do we expect these to be implemented in coming versions of corona?; seeing as both applications are now under the same roof. I've also looked at the roadmap for corona 9, kudos to the team, though the list of items to be covered feels more like a finishing touches to the current stable corona 8 release.

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Sorry, but do you really find rule of thirds built into the VFB so important ? We have such script for that, which works perfectly fine.
Corona has a lot more extremely useful and very well designed functions which vray does not have and probably will not have ... IMHO

+1 for vantage - corona export/connection.

+1 for corona / vantage

+1 for me too

Alex Abarca:
If I may suggest, I would put this on top of the list. A lot people now wanna play with the Chaos tools. Congrats on Cosmos, that was a great move! Although I have licenses to Vray I don't plan to switch over my work to another renderer. They work almost the same, but I have to say the other side is greener and there's Vantage integration.

Can I get Vantage for Christmas?


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