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Here is a collection of all Corona for 3ds Max guides that we have created or updated for version 8:

Corona for 3ds Max Installation Process

Activating Corona 8 for 3ds Max

Basic Information on Corona 8 and the Chaos License Server

Corona 8 - Chaos License Server Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Activating Corona 8 on farms and computers without host software GUI

New/updated features:
How to Use Chaos Cosmos Assets

How to use Chaos Scatter with Corona for 3ds Max?

How to use the Corona Decal object?

How to use the Corona Slicer Material?

New Tone Mapping

Corona Curvature Map

How to use the Corona Cryptomatte

What is the Base Tail?

TyFlow Support

Corona Multi Map

UVW Randomizer Map

How to render caustics with the new caustics solver in 3ds Max?

How to use the Corona Material Library?

Corona Layered Material

Corona Sky Map

What is the Corona Image Editor?

Toolbar many more smaller tweaks and changes

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