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Curvature Shader

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Is it possible to add curvature shader in upcoming update.


As far as I know, nothing like this is planned yet. But I will add it to the list.

This has been a long standing request for Max but always has been declined, and while Max 2017+ offers a built-in way to get this it's far from ideal and not as powerful and convenient as a shader/map solution. If the C4D community want this, too, I hope it's going to be considered as a future native map in Corona.

Thanks for that.
Sure it will add the value of Corona.
Few materials & shaders... will help designers to make work fast and more beautiful, car paint material, Hair material, soft box shader for light, dirt shader... I hope these also will be in your list.



Just FYI: Hair shader is already being worked on in the max version, so it will appear in C4D version too, sooner or later... ;-)


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