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Vote for return of Tom Hudson as 3ds Max developer

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Yeah, well... For a the likes of Adobe and ADSK... It's always priority in optimizations and in managing things with a predictable results and stability(in business, not in software).

You can hardly compensate for income losses due to "too risky, too big changes made to a software which also take too long to do"!

But for weak/cheap software tweaks and patches and addons for a user who is already a long time user mostly in a situation where it is unconfortable, not affordable/cost effective and not wanting to make a switch to a different app(with high chance being adsk again) You can compensate that with some smart marketing making "not so useful" things to look deadly important very hard to do.

Now if we take a look on it as "bit larger" studio environment. Basicaly the larger you are(the company) the more is a chance that when your vendor "kills" one application you used, in favor to another they develop, the more likely will you just adapt and make your staff do the switch soon cause again you'll need to take a look at the business perspective which will have greater priority than your sentiment over a "dead app"

Now that's just my very simplified point of view on the topic..

And I'm not saying that it is bad or that adsk is bad for doing things the way they do, it is "from a certain point of view" making sense... But again.. what do i know :)

Ludvik Koutny:

--- Quote from: DeadClown on 2013-08-09, 20:31:33 ---Even if it would work (I voted but I don't believe it will happen) I really doubt that he would be able to do something about the whole situation. You all know how autodesk runs the business - even the king of the jungle tends to purr like a little cat if he has burning torch in his neck.

--- End quote ---

The idea is he would not be controlled by Autodesk. That he would have a free hand in any decision as long as Autodesk gets their income. And happy users always equal income. Just take a look at how quickly the foundry grows thanks to their attitude regarding Nuke development.

I feel a disturbance in the force... maybe?

Ludvik Koutny:

--- Quote from: DeadClown on 2013-10-18, 10:23:40 ---I feel a disturbance in the force... maybe?

--- End quote ---

Yeah, i got a mail today from 3ds Max feedback tracker, that the case has been completed and my vote points are returned, so i took a look at the case, and it says:

"We are very happy to announce that Tom is now contracting with Autodesk and working on a project with the 3ds Max development team!"

Yay! :)

Yes, I got the email too. But it's still not clear what the "project" really is :S


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