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[C4D] General Discussion / Quickly output to layered sRGB?
« on: 2018-03-23, 09:37:37 »
Normally its fine to output my renders with multi-passes to 32bit linear. But frequently when I'm doing look-dev & testing work, it would be easier to output directly to 8bit sRGB (or indeed 16bit aRGB) psd's.

Is it possible to do this from the pictureviewer?

Whenever i try, it defaults to linear colourspace which is not good for what I want (the multi-pass layers are just simple object buffer masks).

Hi, I posted about this in the general thread, but it's worth repeating here:

There is disparity between the Cinema4d picture viewer and final render, where the final rendered image is more 'washed-out' in all formats/bitdepths.

Hi - I have an ongoing problem where my images are looking washed-out compared to the C4D picture viewer. (And crucially, my expectations). I had initially thought that this may be a gamma issue when using linear colour space. But I haven't found a solution to output the images 'correctly'.

There's a screengrab attached of what I mean - any ideas??


[C4D] General Discussion / Are caustics working?
« on: 2017-10-05, 16:27:05 »
Is this implemented yet? I'm trying in the latest build but it's not working.
The Caustic box is ticked in refraction but the shadow looks solid. have tried adjusting various light types and IOR values but no success.

Hi, I'm pretty new to this and would like to use the most commonly accepted method.

If i'm lighting scene with a corona sky and sun it is extremely bright by default.

Is it best do adjust the intensity directly and leave Exposure at the deafult of 0. Or it it best to leave the sun/sky intensity at 1 and compensate by adjusting the exposure in the VFB settings?


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