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Also good information!

I didn't realize that last point was possible - Enable DR in the scene, activate DR Server on some nodes, and submit to BB (note - to a node without DR Server running), then the node rendering from the BB job submission will ask the DR nodes to help out. That can be useful even for stills, as it lets you use the network but without the machine you are working on needing to be tied up with rendering.

Haven't tested what happens if I have two nodes rendering through BB and each asks the DR servers to help out, anyone know what happens in that case?

Overall, for animation I still agree that BB is the way to go though.

TY! Very true, nothing sat idle, all machines will always be contributing, and as per frame render time goes up, that would be of increasing benefit. My test scene was for pretty fast per-frame times, just a couple of minutes purely for testing and exploring, so I guess there the transfer of the scene for each frame would show up more (assuming that is what is happening :) )

General CG Discussion / Re: Have you seen Fstorm render?
« on: 2016-08-03, 16:18:56 »
  "Look, this is serious, we present you these worn documents with 3ds max, recovered from a secret file, from the second world war"

Lol! And taken with my secret "camera that looks like a pen" too!

[Max] General Discussion / DR vs Backburner for animations
« on: 2016-08-03, 16:09:28 »
Hi all!

Wanted to ask what are the major differences, and advantages and disadvantages, of using Distributed Rendering vs Backburner for rendering animations. I've pretty much always used Backburner, so that each machine renders its own frame in its entirety, with DR for stills so that all machines can help out on the one image.

In some initial testing (just a short 25 frames out of a test scene), DR seems slower than BB, and I think this is due to sending the scene afresh for every frame with DR, while the scene is sent just once at the beginning of the job when using BB? There'd also be sending the image updates across the network, but I think that would be a much smaller addition to the time?

Would there be any plus points to using DR vs BB? Any way to optimize for using DR?


Apologies for the quiet time, has been a busy time of year, plus we really wanted to get this trello board up and running as the one stop shop for the latest info on development for C4D, and that way we have one central location for all the news on progress, so we held off on any piecemeal announcements and waited to have the board updated and running smoothly.

Yes, a lot going in to the this next Alpha, will be some major updates and features in there! Better the disappointment of a later release date than the disappointment of something not working as well as it could, and we'll always aim to release as soon as we can based on getting things up to the standards we (and you) expect! As ever, we welcome your input and ideas so feel free to share.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Matte Shadow
« on: 2016-08-03, 15:48:30 »
Works the same in Max as shown here - I think though the purpose of the element is different than the uses you describe (which sound more like a shadow catcher, e.g. adding the shadow of a building onto a backplate of the environment?).

The element description is "Shows the shadows (energy subtracted from the image due to shadow ray occlusion). This is the complement to the beauty pass, showing white where there are black shadows. If this pass is linearly added to the beauty pass, it negates the visible shadows. Note that currently the shadows from environment lighting are always shown, resulting in a washed-out pass in typical interior renders." (from

So rather than strengthen shadows as noted in your uses, it removes them if you add it on top of the beauty pass, and for that it would need the colour component in it. In some quick and simple tests, using it in Subtract mode does give the effect of enhancing shadows (and again for that it would need the colour component, I believe).

Hi all!

Very pleased to say that the Corona for Cinema 4D road map is now open to the public!

This follows the same format as the road map for 3ds Max, and can be used to see what we are working on with the expected release dates so that you can keep an eye on all of that. We'll keep it updated, and it can be your "go to" source for the latest info on dates and features.


In lieu of a "like" button, here is a smiley for Dead Clown for giving me a chuckle :)

[Max] I need help! / Re: Corona 1.4 works so slow
« on: 2016-07-25, 14:33:25 »
You can upload through the uploader outside of the ticket system -

As noted on that page, there is an alternative uploader which uses Dropbox which allows files of up to 10Gb.

[Max] I need help! / Re: DR- license server: config files
« on: 2016-07-21, 18:30:09 »
Glad you got it working! And most welcome!

[Max] I need help! / Re: DR- license server: config files
« on: 2016-07-21, 17:24:42 »
Here's the post that describes it, should be all you need!

Holler if anything isn't clear.

PS I know the location of that post as I can never remember how to do it myself, since it is something I need to set up rarely :)

Gallery / Re: Ice
« on: 2016-07-21, 02:31:49 »
Hair and fur on the inside - that's a new one on me, and seems like a genius idea to me! TY for sharing!

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Maru's random stuff
« on: 2016-07-21, 02:31:03 »
It's the often overlooked CFractal I believe - head to Add, open up the drop down, choose Corona, and the CFractal option is there. Overlooked I think because it doesn't have a practical value, but it sure makes some nice images and is fun to play with!

You can even stand inside them if you like if you use the Corona CameraMod for a stereoscopic panorama, quickie I did for fun attached!

Gallery / Re: Hedonism
« on: 2016-07-20, 20:24:00 »
Came for the post title, stayed for the images :) Can I book tickets to head there for vacation?

A very nice first project, looking forward to seeing more from you too!

[Max] I need help! / Re: Substance Painter and 1.5 daily
« on: 2016-07-20, 19:28:25 »
With the changes to the GGX and the PBR mode option, I've been able to get good results (to my eye) in exporting from Painter now, without much in the way of additional set up - I'm still exporting to EXR, and then the only thing I set up is blending between base colour and white using the Metalness export as the map for mixing. The PBR mode removes the extra brightening that was happening that I mentioned earlier.

Still not sure what purpose the Diffuse export from Painter serves, as the colour always seems incorrect, so I just use the base colour for diffuse and reflect channels in the Corona mtl. I do like this "just plug it in and you get the results you expect" though!

If anyone has further advice or comments on Painter to the 1.5 daily, would welcome the input!


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