Author Topic: 6 part videos cover modeling to rendering a real chair it in corona  (Read 5021 times)

2015-06-14, 07:45:10

widhi muttaqien

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Hi guys,

I want to share my latest YouTube video tutorials. It's a 6 part videos covering modeling using real product reference using 3ds Max then rendering it in Corona. In the Corona part I cover how to setup basic studio lights, create Corona material of leather and black painted metal. I hope this videos in beneficial to you guys.

here is the link:

Widhi Muttaqien | |

2015-07-12, 20:25:33
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Hi! I watched just on the final render and it seems like the edge of the chair is not smooth enough. I am only beginner but maybe you could have applied a mesh smooth modifier on it?
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2015-10-11, 11:22:09
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Not tryging to be mean, this is helpful. But you seem to be bad at what you are doing overal, you could pump up the quality a bit. Especialy smoothing.
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