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This one's especially useful for materials and maps, regardless of type and renderer:

Lists scene/selection materials and maps by type, can show only corona mtl or checker maps for example (one click, very straightforward), displays all kinds of additional info (object, display in viewport, etc). VERY useful for heavy scenes with lots of materials. Can't live without it.

Cool thread!

Thanks pokoy for the suggestion. I didn't know the one you mentioned, but it is very very useful.
I had another one which makes life easier to those working in less organic environments. The Sci Fi Pattern Generator is a fantastic script. Have a look.

sergov: - Script collection from Neil Blevins, a total must have for every 3dsMax user, couldn't imagine my workflow without it. Features a great pack of useful scripts to speed up your work. - Another small script that's worth mentioning is Geometry Projection, usefull when you need something projected on something else ) Especially usefull when projecting on a curved surface: - Copy/Paste objects between instances of 3dsMax - very usefull when setting up the scene, you open the model in one instance - edit it and then copy/paste in to the scene you are setting up - If you're like me when it comes to organizing resources (im not too good at that) then this script is a must, collects resources for the scene - so you can send it to render nodes or wherever.

Thanks sergov for the suggestions. I start to use some of the Soulburn scripts and they are quite useful.
I added another script, Unique Painter, that I use to scatter objects.
And a Ivy generator.

I would like to use an opportunity that this forum gives me and ask you for an opinion on my new script.( for now just from picture)
Just small progress. Plugin is almost ready for public testing, just few more performance tweaks.
Now you can assign vertex color only for specific channel, normal color or inverted.
Color by distance to pivot/ node (spherical distribution), or by spline (distance to closest point on spline)
color by world coordinates (world normal), dust map (currently without object occluding), AO (brutal faking AO by same approach as dust map)
color by image (maybe I will be adding support for 3ds max's noise maps and so on)
any suggestions would be appreciated
this script is mainly intended as a preparation for game models(cheaper, faster shaders), and baking useful data to foliage models for wind simulation. But maybe here will rise some interesting new idea.
leave a comment if you feel like it


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