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Rendering Clone from a Matrix object

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I have a scene where I am disintegrating an object with some mograph. I have a Cloner that is driven by a Matrix.
In Redshift I understand I can just render the Matrix with a Redshift tag so I don't need the cloner but with Corona I do, correct?
But with Corona I can't seem to get the clones to appear in my render. What's the trick?
Working file attached
Corona 10 Hotfix 2

The trick is to render to the picture viewer. The missing clones in the IR seem to be a bug or a limitation (no idea).

Thanks for that tip. I can now see them in the picture viewer, but it isn't quite right. The sizes and quantity seem to be wrong.

I think the issue here is the multi-instances not showing in IR but they do render in the final image. For IR, changing to instances seems to work.

Reported: (Internal ID=1310630412)

Is setting the cloner to Instance the only change you did?
Mine isn't behaving the same way.


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