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Displacement stacking


Hello everyone,

How is the first attached picture done? Im working with C4D and it was not clear for me what they mean with "noise modifier".

My only solution was to use a layered Material with 2 different Displacements stacked on each other.
But then i still have the problem of tiling. My Sand Texture is 3mx3m so if i use that for my mapping i have to scale
for the checkerboard 0.3 or so.

Are there better ways to do that?

Hello @Howan,

Thanks for reaching out to us.
You can simply assign a first material using only the displacement texture you want to use, then assign a second material to the plane object with the desired textures for Bump and/or Normal channels (a rocky material, or a sand material, etc.)
In this case, the displacement considered will be the one from the first material.
In case you want to use multiple displacement textures, you can use a Layered material instead.
I'm attaching a sample scene (I over-exaggerated the values just to notice the effect) so you can explore and experiment with the scene file.
I hope this helps.

If you wish to use multiple materials with displacement you will also need some kind of mask in the layered material.


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