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Hi there,

I have an issue with metal textures in cinema 4D with corona. They tend to be way to dark and nothing like the preview on e.g. poliigon.
I attached screenshots on how I linked the different maps. If any of you can tell me what I'm doing wrong, I'd appreciate your help!

/Users/patrickuttler/Desktop/Bildschirm­foto 2024-02-02 um 22.13.49.jpg
/Users/patrickuttler/Desktop/Bildschirm­foto 2024-02-02 um 22.20.08.jpg
/Users/patrickuttler/Desktop/Bildschirm­foto 2024-02-02 um 22.20.18.jpg

Hi, you got no images there.
Anyways, is your "Linear Workflow" set and on?

Hi I hope the screenshots did upload now. To be honest, I do not know what "Linear Workflow" in Cinema 4D is....

James Vella:
From what I see you have a few issues here.

- First you are using gamma 2.2 for your linear textures.
- You are also using Metal workflow for Specular textures
- You have a texture in your IOR slot, I dont see an IOR texture in that list.
- These will all compound if you are unsure of what you are doing for this texture set.

You can use the Poliigon C4D tool and do a bit of reading on their website regarding the Specular workflow/textures:
Poliigon Material Converter Addon for Cinema 4D
Technical Asset Information & FAQ

Hi James,

thanks for your answer. Do I need to change that gamma value? I tried downloading the same texture once with metal workflow and once with specular. With the metal workflow I get a good result. With the specular one not. The material is almost completely black.

I was told by someone to put the Reflection map in the IOR slot. That why i did it.

Also thanks for the links, I red the articles.


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