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I've finished first rough version of Corona API. It consists of about 500kB of C++ header files. Most of them are simple utility functions. The core of the API is a single class, that takes the parsed scene, and outputs the rendered image into the frame buffer. It should be reasonably simple to use. Now I need to test it further and create some well-documented example applications for it.

This API is for plugging Corona into another 3D applications, it is not for writing custom shaders.

Here is the first application I've created with it, it has about 150 lines, and renders a single triangle and a sphere ;)

Oh my... Will you distribute this on dropbox with corona, or is it something you would rather give only to a dedicated programmer?

this is only useful for full-time programmers, so no dropbox

This is huge!

Not for me like programer... but for user!
Blender integration would be great!!!


Beautiful. I hope to see a few plugin developers taking a shot at integrating it into other software soon :)

Speaking of which, how would a developer get their hands on this?


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