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Material reflection BUG

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Hi....i have an issue with reflections...I have a backplate plane with light material of sky (does not emit light, does not casto shadows)  behind my camera only to get reflections on my windows.
In the first photo the backplate is hidden, so everything is ok but i have not reflections on my windows. In the second photo the backplate is vissible, I have reflections but here is the issue. Take a look at the wooden panels. In the second photo the wooden panels are too dark and when I turn off the reflections of wood material, the panels are ok(third photo)!!  maybe someone has another solution...

James Vella:
I always found it easier to use a plane with a standard texture and emission:

thanks for the answer......i allready did that.....I have the same issue  :(

James Vella:
You sure your plane has these settings?

Maybe also check your wood material, maybe something weird enabled.

I have uncheck receive and cast shadows....  I think It's  coronas material bug...and the only solution is to turn of the materials reflections...


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