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Simple-GUI-for-oiiotool to convert TX files


Since there are TX files appearing in the CORONA environment, I decided to build a simple GUI for handling conversion to/from TX files using oiiotool. The files themselves are no magic. If we change the extension to Tif, Photoshop will handle them. However, we will lose the Mipmaps that are embedded in this format by default. I tested the GUI below on OpenImageIO 2.2 and 2.5.8.
Functionality - drag and drop, conversion of any (I think) files to TX format, checking statistics for TX files, conversion of TX files to Tif format.
Installation - requires Python 3 (tested on 3.12) and pyside6. The file should be copied to the folder where oiiotool.exe and iinfo.exe are located. It works for me.
Maybe someone will find it useful 😉

I did a test on the scene with different texture files
and textures in tx format.

           jpg, png, tif, exr                 tx

tex folder          950 MB               1900 MB
textures          346 files                346 files
ram usage              ~21 GB      ~21 GB   
Preparing scene        100 sec       19 sec   
render time        10:37 min             9:02 min
pass limit               40              40

I've added the ability to run the script directly from within C4D. You just need to write a simple script:

import c4d
import subprocess

def main():
    # Path to the external Python script
    external_script_path = 'path_to_the_OpenImageIO_files_and_script\'

    # Running the external script in the background
    subprocess.Popen(['python', external_script_path], shell=True)

if __name__=='__main__':


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