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Save PSD file format and improve UI/UX save box



I'd like to request the format .PSD to be added to VFB save options.

Also the mac version doesn't show the extension like .tiff but the full name, showing the extension would be a nice lil improvement to UX.


Hi, I will make a note of that. Some workarounds for now would be to render as normal in the VFB and then send it to the Picture viewer and save it as a .psd there. Or change the save format in the render settings and it will save a .PSD when the render finishes. We already have a request for simplified extensions in the VFB.
(Internal ID=1281694843)

thx for the quick reply!

Send to Picture viewer is part of my workflow now but the problem in the latest release is that picture viewer is not importing the camera settings from the scene and vfb, when it open the render in PV all the settings are lost. We did report this issue and we're waiting to get fixed.

Good to hear about the extensions.


Hi, can you try docking the tone mapping windows to the Picture and adjust the image from here? I believe this should only work when the render is active. Another workaround for now ;)

I'll give it a try.



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