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I will surely buy some more. Concrete and plaster I use a lot as well.

In my project I have a lot of rough sawn timber which is almost knotless. Platowood Fraké. See attachment. I haven't found any textures on the web with fine or rough sawn surfaces.

I am not aware what a lineair color profile would do or how to set that. I do play with the displacement depth in regard to model size. I also noticed you set the bump at only 2%. Is that still useful. I never really see much result in my materials below 10 or 20%.

My Mac book air with 16Gb M2 has one problem with these materials. C4D after the second render crashes with an enormous amount of ram swapped. Over 500Gb...  When I render you textures at about 3600 pixels wide. I will try next week with my Mac Studio 128Gb.

Had some problems login in to get the assets but Stefan solved it quickly.

glad i could solve it fast for you:)

for the ram, many 8k textures in many material channels do use some ram, you can try using the textures in 4k and only in close ups 8k, with 128 gig it should be no problem. (my have 96gb, works also fine)

With 128Gb no problem indeed. But its weird that with 16Gb ram swapping needs 400+Gb...

Importing into the asset browser was easy too and very handy with the previews in the asset browser.

well with 16gb you really might not have much extra space for textures etc, once a computer starts to swap, it does very different things ram management-wise (ram gb isn't same as just putting the same gb on disc)


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